A Sassy welcome!

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Voila! I am back … sort of.

I have oh-so-many posts and stories waiting for you! Alas (do people still say that? What does it even mean?), situations beyond my control prevent me from fully updating SMS until later this spring.

“Who is Tee?” tells about my blog, and what it is (will be) — including my philosophy about the arts of persuasion and the world of advertising, marketing and social media. I didn’t want to keep SMS completely offline any longer. That would be tragic.

When the blog’s update is complete, it will be worth the wait.

So, without further ado ….

On behalf of the miraculous world of social media marketing, I welcome you to … the miraculous world of social media marketing.

This blog exists because I had been a journalist (on paper) and in PR/marketing (on paper) for a particular number of years. And one day I woke up, and the world had transformed. So I had to transform with it.

You’ll find my bio (albeit an atypical one, as well as my personal ideas and philosophy about the study of persuasion). here.  [NOTE: APOLOGIES. THIS WILL BE LIVE AGAIN SOON.] I have always been captivated by what I call “The Persuasionary Arts:” advertising, marketing and public relations.  And until fairly recently, these occupations existed solely on paper, on billboards, on TV and on radio.

But time marches relentlessly forward, and stuff changes. (Trees scream now. It’s very unpleasant. And that’s just ONE thing.) It was time for me to get an education about how these fields work on the computer-machine. It was time to join the world of social media, which is being used on a steeper and steeper trajectory by The Persuasionary Arts.

After all, social media is hip. It’s groovy. It’s where it’s at.

Enjoy!  Tee

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